Studio Headphones vs Regular Headphones
What’s the difference?

So are there any differences among Studio and Regular headphones? You bet there are!

Studio Headphones

Why do you think they called “Studio headphones” ? There are reasons behind that. Studio word stands for sound reproduction quality and accuracy, because they are specifically made for recording and working with music, so they need to reproduce sound as accurate as possible. In studio headphones sound is more balanced, more “flat“, so you hear all instruments more clearly. Studio headphones usually come with 1/4 inch adapter to plug your headphones to audio interface or amplifier, and the cables are longer than in regular headphones to move easier in studios.

Regular Headphones

And the Regular Headphones are made for just for listening to music and they don’t reproduce “flat” frequency response. They are usually boosted in low and high ends (bass and treble) and slightly reduced mids (scooped mids). And the result is that sound is more “punchy” and more powerful and highs are increased, so it’s the ideal for casual listening or DJ’ing.

So in conclusion, if you are looking headphones just for listening music you can choose among regular headphones or studio, it depends what sound you’re looking for, and if working with music you should definitely choose studio headphones.

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